Passive Solar Design Balcatta WA


At MK Building Solutions, we continue our long-standing commitment towards applying best practices in comfortable living, conserving energy and the environment. In line with this, we have become Perth’s specialist in Passive Solar Design and are passionate about custom quality homes built with a sustainable focus, utilising modern, energy efficient materials and design principles that offer outstanding value and reduced running costs.

Each of the key elements of passive solar design are carefully considered: Orientation of your home on your block, how your rooms are connected together for temperature and noise control, thermal mass materials to regulate temperature, ventilation, insulation, shading and window selections. Anything you can imagine is available, including:

• 8 Star energy rating minimum
• Bulk cavity insulation
• 2.7m high ceilings throughout
• 20mm engineered stone throughout
• Energy efficient lighting
• Heat pump hot water system
• Thermally broken double glazing

Of course, everyone is different and so each home can be built to your specifications and choice of finishes. We will work closely with you to assist you through the selection process.

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"As progressive Western Australian registered builders, we have long recognised the importance towards energy efficiency, the environment and sustainability. We strive to fulfil that duty with every home we build by combining environmental responsibility, cutting-edge technology and higher than industry standard building methods.”

Marco Klous - Managing Director

Paying attention to the standards of good passive solar design suitable for the Perth climate, we apply the following principles to take our energy efficient and passive solar designed homes a step beyond excellence to be a leader in sustainable home building:

• Ideal utilisation of thermal mass - reducing the energy needed for heating and cooling
• Consideration of prevailing winds at certain times of the day to assist with cross ventilation
• Attentiveness towards the sun, based on time and seasons
• Superior windows, appropriately orientated and sized, with protection from winter heat loss and summer heat gain
• Adequate insulation in walls, ceilings and floors
• Reduced air leakage building envelope

With the average Australian home responsible for around 7 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year, the environmental and financial costs can be significantly reduced with passive solar design. Imagine a stunning new home that is able to self-regulate its temperature purely by design, is healthier to live in, generates its own electricity, holds higher value in the marketplace and actively contributes to our reduction in CO2 emissions.


Our recent 8.8 energy rated home in Hazelmere employs a number of highly innovative design solutions to dramatically reduce the building’s energy consumption. Imagine not needing slippers in the middle of winter!


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