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A new class of stylish modern home

Innovation and excellence

The MK Building Solutions team comprises of many building professionals, all committed to building your dream home with great customer satisfaction. 

We take great pride and pay personal attention to every meticulous detail of our homes, whilst maintaining our incomparable modern style. 

Living in one of the hottest states in the country, we understand that it's important for our homes to not only be contemporary, attractive and well-constructed, but to also be energy efficient. 

In all our constructions, we continue our long standing commitment towards applying best practices in reducing waste as well as conserving energy and the environment.

"As progressive Western Australian registered builders, we have long recognised the importance towards energy-efficiency, the environment and sustainability. We strive to fulfil that duty with every home that we build, by combining environmental responsibility, cutting-edge technology and higher than industry standard building methods.”

Marco Klous, MD of MK Building Solutions

With an impressive 8 Star Energy Rating*, a KlausHaus is a home of innovation and excellence. A recent addition to MK Building Solutions line of custom built homes, KlausHaus was established to deliver a new class of modern home, with a focus on comfort, energy efficiency, modern building technology and sustainable building techniques.

Energy efficient passive design

With an impressive 8 Star Energy Rating*, KlausHaus delivers a new class of modern home, with a focus on energy efficiency, green technology and sustainable building techniques.

Paying attention to the standards of good passive design suitable for the Perth climate, we apply the following principles to take KlausHaus a step beyond excellent design and to be a leader in sustainable home building:

  • Ideal utilisation of space and light - creating living, sleeping and other zones reducing the amount of energy needed for heating, cooling and lighting
  • Consideration of prevailing winds at certain times of the day to assist with cross ventilation
  • Attentiveness towards the sun, based on time and seasons
  • Superior windows which are appropriately orientated and sized with protection from winter heat loss and summer heat gain
  • Adequate insulation in walls, ceilings and floors
  • Airtight building envelope

Figures above based on estimates from the passivehouseaustralia.org performance gap calculator for Perth houses.

“The homes built over the last 20 years or so were built with good intentions, but methods have improved, technology has changed and so have the styles popular today.”

Marco Klous, MD of MK Building Solutions

Premium features are our standard

All these features are standard in all KlausHaus homes*:

  • 8 Star energy rating*
  • 75mm Hebel PowerPanel external wall cladding
  • 2.7m high ceilings throughout
  • R3.6 to external wall vs R0.5 for double brick
  • 20mm engineered stone throughout
  • Double glazing
  • Smeg appliances
  • H2 treated timber

Of course everyone is different and so each KlausHaus home can be built to your specifications and choice of finishes. Our KlausHaus Project Manager works closely with you to assist you through the selection process.

*All standard building materials used by MK Building Solutions are subject to required planning and design requirements for each house design and build.

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