Where can I learn more about Passive Solar Design?

Simply get in touch by phone, email, through social media or our contact form to request more detailed information about passive solar design.

Why should I consider passive solar design?

We at MKBS like to participate in the wellbeing of our planet so that our grandchildren can enjoy our planet the same or even better than we have. Building passive solar design reduces the energy usage of a building (its Carbon footprint). In the long run your property will be more cost effective and from day one your property will be much more comfortable.

What insurances do you hold?

We at MKBS have a full comprehensive insurance package in place, including: Workers Compensation, Public Liability Insurance up to $20,000,000.00, Contract Insurance and Indemnity Insurance.

How do you prepare your quotes?

We seek to provide you with a fixed price quote with everything included. No hidden costs!

Are there some jobs you won’t or cannot do?

We at MKBS do not compare ourselves with the mainstream 1st home builders. You cannot compare the quality of build we focus on with the products they offer. 1st home buyers looking for the best budget should seek a builder elsewhere. In addition, only in the case of a renovation are we able to redo grout or replace vanity tops or basins.

How long will my construction project take?

This of course depends on the size of your project. We at MKBS strive ourselves to always deliver on time. Prior to the beginning of construction we will give you an estimated timeframe.

Are you a licenced, registered builder?

Yes, MK Building Solutions is a registered building company and can take on any size project.