Our Standards We Live By Creating The Best In Passive Solar Design


Having an open space with your kitchen, dining and living area centralised, making an easy transition from one space to the other and allowing for proper ventilation. MK Building Solutions Pay attention to the standards of good passive solar design suitable for the Perth climate and apply the following principles to take our energy-efficient and passive solar designed homes a step beyond excellence to be a leader in sustainable home building: ~ Ideal utilisation of thermal mass - reducing the energy needed for heating and cooling. ~ Consideration of prevailing winds at certain times of the day to assist with cross ventilation. ~ Attentiveness towards the sun, based on time and seasons. ~ Superior windows, appropriately orientated and sized, with protection from winter heat loss and summer heat gain. ~ Adequate insulation in walls, ceilings and floors. ~ Reduced air leakage building envelope. Imagine a stunning new home that is able to self-regulate its temperature purely by design, is healthier to live in, generates its own electricity, holds higher value in the marketplace and actively contributes to our reduction in CO2 emissions. To learn more, download our eBook: “7 Superb Ways Passive Solar Designs Create A Lifestyle To Envy” ~ https://go.rt-d.com/mk-ebook-oc