Let’s talk insulation!

Does your home retain heat well in winter and stay cool in summer? 

My house is in the Perth hills is cold in winter. Dean and I have been making adjustments for some time to try to help our house retain heat. Once again we are reminded of how important it is to choose a quality builder you can trust when building your new home, as well as the huge affects choosing quality building materials and making conscious choices with energy efficiency in mind has on your ongoing living comfort and budget!We are the second owners of our home in the Perth hills. However when we have the chance we will most definitely be building an MK Building Solutions passive solar home. However in the meantime, what can we do?

Upon recently inspecting our roof to locate the origin of a strange smell (dead mouse), Dean discovered that the insulation in our roof had been incorrectly installed. Some parts of our home didn’t even have insulation over them such as our bed in the master bedroom!! It’s no wonder our house doesn’t retain heat well. Working with MK Building and Construction as a Construction Manager Dean knows what to look for when checking insulation. There were huge gaps where our insulation was installed and there were also numerous areas where air was escaping around vents.We have now made some adjustments* to make sure the insulation is positioned in such a way that it will do what it is supposed to do and we are already noticing the difference. 

Do you know if you insulation is installed correctly? Is your insulation the correct recommended level for your region? All MK Building Solutions homes are built above standard recommendations for the region ensuring optimum performance of your home insulation for year-round comfort. 

When building a home in Perth WA, the R value of your insulation should be as follows; Perth, WA - 4.1 (ceiling/roof) 2.5 (walls) as a minimum. Ensuring your insulation is installed correctly and is the correct R value for your climate will support you to live comfortably in your home. 

Post written by Jen Donovan - Administration Officer - MK Building Solutions Photo by Robin van Geenen on Unsplash 

* We recommend insulation work be completed by qualified professionals. Protective clothing and items such as masks should be worn. Incorrect installation and understanding of electrical works could result in house fire