Shading for your Perth Passive Solar Home Build

You should pay attention to shading when it comes to building your passive solar home. This can have a significant impact on your build by reducing summer temperatures in your home, improving home comfort, and saving on ongoing energy costs once your home is built.

Did you know effective shading can block up to 90% of heat generated by direct sun? Some attention and consideration to shading prior to starting your build will greatly benefit your ongoing heating and cooling expenses once your home is built.

There are a variety of different shading techniques you can explore from natural such as trees or vegetation, to man-made such as eaves, awnings, pergolas and shade sails. Many people use a combination of both.  

Unprotected glass is often the biggest source of heat entering a home and so this is definitely one item you’ll want to address when designing your home and choosing what materials to use. You should also be mindful you will want winter sun to penetrate the glass to support heating the home in winter and to allow for natural light where possible as this is a free source of lighting for the home. Items such as deciduous trees or angled louvres are good options to consider.  

Your experienced builder in solar passive design will be able to guide you in this process as they will have a solid understanding of the angle of the sun throughout the seasons for your location and be able to design your home accordingly. In Perth, WA we are located on the latitude 32 degrees south. Using this information your experienced builder or designer will be able to work out the best design and shading requirements for consideration for your passive home build.  

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