Have you ever heard people talk about ‘North facing’ when building their Perth new home? Read on to find out why this is both relevant and important when planning your new build in Perth.

When building your passive home you will want to pay close attention to site orientation. What this is referring to is planning your home layout taking into consideration the climatic features of the area such as the sun and cooling breezes. These can have a big impact on the energy efficiency of your home. When you think about it, it just makes sense!

Being located and building in Perth we want our living areas to be north facing or as close to north as possible to make the best use of the warmth from sunlight during winter and cooling breezes in summer.  To do this you want maximum exposure to the sun in winter and good shading of walls and windows in summer. By knowing and understanding the changing position of the sun throughout the year a builder can achieve this for your new home build. This will result in reduced heating and cooling costs in some cases as low as 0, sounds good right?! Not only will this be a cost saving but you’ll be drawing on less energy which is also better for the environment.

Some points to consider for orientation of your new home or renovation;

·         Place living areas in locations which maximize the benefits of winter sun and cooling summer breezes

·         Avoid placing plants or vegetation in areas which would block winter sun unless deciduous which would allow for winter sun to penetrate the home

·         Consider planting vegetation to provide shade from summer sun

By consulting with an experienced builder in passive solar homes for your new home, you will ensure you’re getting the maximum value out of the orientation options for your home.

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