The role climate plays in your solar passive home design and new build, and considerations for building in the Perth region.

In Australia there are eight main climate zones which all have different characteristics which need to be considered when designing your new home. In addition to considering the climate you live in, you also need to consider climate change and to ensure the longevity of your home design to withstand any changes.

Perth Western Australia where we are located currently sits within zone 5 Warm Temperate as defined by BCA – The Building Code of Australia. Some of the characteristics of this region are four distinct seasons with autumn and spring being the most comfortable, hot to very hot summers with moderate humidity and variable solar access, cooling breeze directions and patterns. It has quite a range of climatic conditions to consider.  

By designing with your climate in mind it is possible to reduce your heating and cooling bills to almost zero. With the cost of energy on the rise, more people are now realizing the importance and long-term savings which can be made from considering passive design from the beginning when building a new home.

Some considerations to pay attention to in this region are;

·         Site analysis to consider the specific requirements of the location

·         Passive solar heating and cooling

·         Consideration of wind patterns and reliability of cool breezes

·         Access to and amount of sunlight to home site

·         Use of roof spaces as a thermal buffer zone

·         Use of bulk and reflective insulation in ceilings and walls

·         Effectively air-seal all spaces

·         Consider use of ceiling fans in living and sleeping spaces

·         Choose light coloured roof materials

Building a solar passive home is a lot more than getting solar panels and making sure you have insulation! You will want to make sure your builder knows what they are doing and have done it many times before.

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