A Snapshot of our Passive Solar Design Case-Study


Here’s a quick throwback to an incredible passive solar design home that our team created for a client. This home in Hazelmere has an 8.8 energy rating. This was due to our team’s efforts in incorporating innovative design solutions, allowing the homeowners to drastically reduce their energy consumption. Passive solar design isn’t just about proper insulation or window upgrades. It’s also about capitalising on features of the block to enhance energy efficiency. Having bought a north-facing block of land, the clients intended to build their home with the main living area as much to the north as possible. To obtain cross ventilation through the house a central hallway was created with windows at both ends that could be opened. We’ll be sharing more tidbits and detail in future posts! Keep your eyes on this space for more updates. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about our work on passive solar design, book a 20-minute no-obligation consultation by filling out our online form ~ https://go.rt-d.com/mk-building-consult.